Distribution Centres



Capillarity and proximity to customers, the strength of MARR

With a distribution network consisting of 40 distribution centres, 8 cash & carry, 4 logistical platform, 900 personnel, including sales agents, area managers, key accounts and field trainers and a fleet of more than 850 vehicles, MARR covers all of Italy and is capable of guaranteeing a continuous and efficient service.

The MARR distribution centres, displaced on the Italian territory from north to south, islands included, are situated on the immediate outskirts of the most important main cities and preside over the areas of major touristic vocation and concentration. 

Furthermore, the company has partnership agreements with more than 20 local wholesalers, in order to optimise the level of service and effect deliveries with increased efficiency.

Two processing plants for meat and fish are used to subject parts of the products to ulterior processing and transformation, to supply to clients products portioned in sizes “ready to cook” and thus simplify the preparation of foods in the kitchen.

The distribution network is organised with the objective of delivering the requested products even within 24 hours from receiving the order, which is organised by a dedicated computer system.