Over 25,000 food products at the service of Catering

MARR offers a wide range of food products varied according to conservation type of 25,000 products – fresh, dry and frozen – and over 8,000 instrumental articles.

The mix of MARR sales consists of 44.5% various foods, 34.6% fish products, 16.8% meat, 3.7% fruit and vegetables and the remaining 0.4% from kitchen equipment. 

Food  Products

MARR commercialises a wide range of food products both with its own brand and with the best known Italian and international brands in the alimentary sector. The company sells products  for breakfast (croissant, biscuits, cereals, dry bread, jam, honey, tea, infusions, etc.), fresh and frozen first courses (pasta, fresh and stuffed pasta, rice, various cereals, etc.), condiments and oils (extra virgin olive oil, various seeds, peanuts, etc.), dairy products (yoghurt, cresenza, mozzarella, etc.), fresh and seasoned cheeses (Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, pecorino, P.O.D. and P.G.I. cheeses, etc.), preserved products (fruit and vegetable conserves, canned meat, readymade sauces, etc.), cured meats and sausages (hams, salami, mortadella, cooked hams, culatello, sausages, bacon etc.), appetizers for cocktails and drinks.  



Fresh and frozen Fish

MARR is the largest distributer in Italy of fish products to the extra domestic catering market. The company delivers fish every day to the tables of thousands of restaurants, from the fresh fish bought at the most important fish markets in the Mediterranean to the fresh fish caught in the oceans the world over and frozen aboard the large fishing boats licensed with MARR. In fact, the company selects the best suppliers of fish on an international level, monitors and controls all the fish activities, from onboard freezing to packaging, up to its arrival at its own processing plants and distribution in Italy. MARR offers a very vast choice of fresh fish, frozen, whole, portioned, filleted and ready to cook: from crustaceans (lobsters, scampi, crayfish, shrimps and prawns) to molluscs (mussels, clams, scallops, etc.), to freshwater fish (trout, sturgeon, salmon), to invertebrates (octopuses, cuttlefish, squid, calamari ), from the large fish from the sea sold in pieces (swordfish, tuna, marlin, hack, blue shark), to the classic sea fish (sea bass, sea bream, snapper, grouper, monkfish, redfish, cod), to end with a large choice of sole and halibut.  


MARR offers its clients a selection of fresh and frozen meat, packed under vacuum with anatomic or portioned cuts, ready and semi-processed, which is unequalled in Italy. The selection of beef is broad: from Irish origin, ”Greenest Field” and “Irish Angus”, to Scottish, “Aberdeen Beef”; from the Argentinean “Black Quality” meat to the Brazilian, from the North American to the European meat of France, Holland (veal) and Italy. Thanks to the synergies with the Cremonini Group, MARR offers the largest selection of meats of the world with particular attention to products of Italian origin.

In addition to beef, the company commercialises all other sorts of meat such as chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, rabbit, ostrich, horse, goat, lamb and all wild game (boar, hare, deer, pigeon, pheasant and quail), national and foreign.  

Fruit and vegetables

MARR sells a complete assortment of fruit and vegetables, fresh, frozen and preserved. The fresh range includes also  fruit and vegetables from organic cultivation. The company also commercialises numerous herbs, fresh, frozen and dehydrated, a wide choice of fresh and frozen potatoes, as well as a complete range of canned fruit and vegetables and a very vast variety of pickles and products preserved in oil.  


Instrumental articles

MARR commercialises goods such as kitchen equipment (ovens, fridges, dishwashers, utensils, fryers, kettles, pans, etc.), dining room equipment (food warmers, breakfast dispensers, food carts, refrigerated zones, etc.),  products for decorating the table (plates, glasses, cutlery, tablecloths, dishes, etc.), products for deterging and cleaning kitchens and other environments (soaps, dishwashing detergents, etc.) and all the necessary products for the world of Banqueting (sunshades, chairs, tables, etc.). 

New Product Lines

MARR, over recent years, meeting the new alimentary, nutritional and multicultural trends of the consumer, has launched successfully innovative product lines, such as the collection HAPPY HOURS, (pretzels, sweet and salted snacks, chips, pre-fried products, etc.) the collection SUSHI (sushi, wasabi, soya sauce Kikkoman, sushi ginger, etc.) and the collection Gluten-free (pasta, sweet and salty bakery products, pizza, stuffed pasta, etc.), along with a series of readymade products, cooked and pre-fried, portioned and ready to cook, capable of simplifying the preparatory activities in the kitchen.


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