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CREMONINI ACTIVE - Sports “Pills” for a better health

Cremonini Group has been committed on corporate social responsibility for a long time and in the last few years it has developed several initiatives in environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The project CREMONINI Active was born in the context of social responsibility and its aim is to promote and encourage virtuous initiatives and behaviours targeted to improve the psycho-physical balance of all its employees, co-operators and stakeholders.

The APP “Cremonini Active: Sports Pills for a better health” is an instrument, extremely easy to use, that can contribute to improve the daily life style of all of us, promoting a moderate physical exercise. 


CREMONINI Active is a digital application belonging to the category of “serious games” for your health.

Their main feature is to use entertainment in order to educate people, guide them to acquire specific information, and supply them with the adequate motivation to adopt a certain kind of behaviour.

CREMONINI Active is a game of regularity to keep healthy through the intake, during one’s daily routine, of small doses of movement: resistance “pills” (fast walk, slow run) and balance and strength “pills” (muscular reinforcement and balance exercises). The objective is to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle through physical activity for “the best of your health” by following the simple instructions provided in our APP.

The APP was specifically designed following the “Global Recommendations on physical activity for health” drafted by the National and International Official Bodies (Ministry of Health) and (AHA), supplying a set of guided exercises to do with regularity, besides a personal digital diary on which to record your own daily training.
It is a new, pocket-size personal sports facility, with “km 0, zero cost and zero impact”, that permits you to achieve the same benefits of those doing regular physical exercise: risk reduction of diseases, improvement of musculoskeletal health and  the control of your body weight, positive effects in the development of mental health and of cognitive processes.

CREMONINI Active is not just an APP but it is a “natural medicine” that can help improving our health and increasing our well-being: enjoy your movement! 


Before doing any exercise and/or following a training program on the App “CREMONINI Active: Sports Pills for your Health”, you must make sure you can do physical activity, even if it is limited.

The App CREMONINI Active does not mean to replace doctors and it cannot be held responsible for the behaviors of each single user.

Therefore, CREMONINI S.p.A. (Joint Stock Company), including their parent companies and subsidiaries, decline all responsibilities for physical and/or material damages arising from carrying out the exercises and/or training programs based on the App. “CREMONINI Active: Sports Pills for your Health”

By accepting these terms and conditions you confirm you are the only one responsible for your health.

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Before downloading the APP, read the privacy policy in the attached document.

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