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Archaeological site

Archaeological site: "City of Water"

In 1985 Cremonini acquired the building denominated “Ex cinema Trevi " in Via San Vincenzo, n°9, a few meters from the famous Trevi fountain. In the late ‘90’s it was decided to renovate the whole building to create a large catering centre linked to a mega-movie theatre with a large high definition screen. 

To initiate the project it became necessary to perform diggings, and it was then (in September 1999) that the excavators discovered the first traces of Roman walls. From that moment the Archaeological Superintendent intervened ordering a stop to the works. Mr. Luigi Cremonini decided to finance the archaeological excavation work and the restoration of the whole area.  

With the passage of time the number of artefacts found increased, all significant and of great historical and artistic value: the idea was thus born to create a “on site” museum,  to make available to the public both the remains of Roman houses as well as the artefacts brought to light. The permanence in loco of the artefacts has impeded de-contextualisation and contributed to the full enhancement of the site.

The excavations, which covered an area of 400 square metres, have permitted the recovery of the archaeological heritage of the building, and it represents an example of successful collaboration between public and private towards the safeguarding of the past centuries urban testimony. The Cremonini Group, apart from having funded the excavations, contributed to valorising the archaeological site with the creation of a on site museum, today renamed “City of Water”.

In fact, it is the water which is without doubt the characteristic element that most distinguishes the area of Vicus Caprarius. Above all, the water of the Trevi fountain, a monumental baroque work of art of the antique Virgin Aqueduct, the latter a construction that represents itself underground with a large distribution reservoir brought to light by the excavations and which testifies the perfection obtained in hydraulic engineering by the Romans two thousand years later.  Water is still the protagonist, what was once stored in the reservoirs of the luxurious noble mansions re-emerges under the old Cinema Trevi, which flows from the ancient lead pipes still visible today in situ. The same underground water gushes from the ground still today, filtering uninterruptedly through the ancient brick walls, reminding us, with its continuous movement, of the millenary relationship between man and nature.     


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