Beef, Cured Meats and Snacks

Inalca is one of the few companies in the world to manages the entire production process of beef, from the farming to the finished product. In fact, the company defines agreements with the large breeding organisations, manages all the industrial aspects of the beef transformation, from halves to quarters, from boneless meat to anatomic cuts, from portioned products to hamburgers, as well as creating products ready meal like precooked, pre-fried and grilled, canned meat and meat extract, both for own brands and third parties.

Moreover, Inalca, through its subsidiary Italia Alimentari, is amongst the first Italian operators in the market of cured meats, snacks and gastronomy. There are more than 230 products commercialized  from the company in Italy and abroad, with own brands or third parties marks.

Fresh Beef

Close to 50% of the products commercialised by Inalca is fresh meat. The company sells fresh meat with bone (halves, fore quarters and hind quarters, fore rib, etc.) and boneless meat, anatomical cuts (tenderloin, chuck tenderloin, rump steak, topside, thick flank, eye of round, strip loin, etc.) and portioned products ( beef Steaks, sirloin, beef stew, filet- steaks, rib steaks, carpaccio, etc.) packed under vacuum and/or in a protected environment.

Inalca is one of the very few companies in Italy capable of guaranteeing fresh portioned products at a “fixed weight” , thanks to the most modern technology utilized.



The company is the leading Italian producer of fresh and frozen hamburgers, mainly serving Ho.Re.Ca channels

Inalca produces a wide range of hamburgers, fresh and frozen in various shapes and in various sizes.

All the hamburgers from Inalca are commercialised in Italy with its own brands like Fiorani or “Private Label”.

Canned Meats

The company produces meat in cans with jelly, corned beef, meat in broth, pressed meat and ready-made sauces commercialised in Italy with the legendary Montana brand and with Manzotin, and internationally with the brands Bill Beef and Texana.

In Italy the product is available with the production lines of  Montana Classic, Montana Gold Line (100% Italian stock with only 1.2% fat content) and Light (in the version with chicken).

Montana offers also typically traditional Italian condiments, commercialising a line of sauces and readymade stews (Amatriciana Sauce and Bologna Stew), along with the commercialisation of the historical canned product JAMBONET.




Cured Meats

Italia Alimentari boasts 4 productions distinguished by the brands P.D.O. and P.G.I.  : Culatello from Zibello, Bresaola from Valtellina, Mortadella from Bologna, Italian Cacciatora Salami.

The company produces a huge range of delicatessen: salami, mortadella, cooked ham, culatello, coppe, bacon, roasts, bresaola and carpaccio, whole cuts, in pieces and pre-sliced, vacuum packed and in a protected environment, commercialised both with its own brands (Cortebuona and Ibis) and with the most important brands of the distribution chains, in Italy and abroad.   

Snacks and ready meals

The Snack division of Italia Alimentari is specialised in the packing of fresh snacks, in a protected environment and frozen

Numerous are the references of the range: from the classic Sandwich to Foccaccia, from the toast to the mega toast, from flatbread to baguette. Snacks garnished richly with a variety of flavours, available both to the Horeca channel and for the G.D. and commercialised with its own brands (Spanino, Harry’s Bar, Montana, Montana Gourmet) or with third party brands.

In the frozen snack segment the already cooked HOTDOG and HAMBURGER must be emphasised, ready to heat up in the microwave in 5 minutes. Furthermore the COOKED and GRILLED from Ibis is a unique novelty in the panorama of Italian gastronomy: all the authenticity and flavour of the selected pork meat, already grilled and ready in a few minutes. The products ( Skewered Pork with Vegetables, Mini Pork Skewers, Hamburger with Bacon, Small Pork Sausages, Mixed Pork Grill) are grilled singularly without adding fat or vegetable oil, and packed in a protected  environment to maintain intact the freshness of flavours and nutritional characteristics.

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