Services And Brands

A wide range of catering services for travellers

In the concession areas, Cremonini is capable of managing different catering formats which vary according to the type of facility (airport, station, motorway etc.) and different consumption requirements of the travellers (managers, families, students, commuters etc.) through the offer of numerous catering points such as Bar, Cafeteria, Snack Sandwiches, Self-service, Pizza take-away, vending machines, ice-cream corners and Steakhouses.

Cremonini manages these services with its own brands (Chef Express, Mokà, Gourmè, Gusto Ristorante, Juice Bar, Bagel Factory, Time Vending and Roadhouse) or franchised brands (Mc Donald’s, Wagamama e Panella)

Relative to the catering service onboard trains, Cremonini manages numerous contracts which cover tray to seat service, management of the bar and mini-bar, the Welcome drink service, as well as the management of collateral services such as the distribution of newspapers and the sale of entertainment products (DVD, video games, books, newspapers etc.).

Furthermore, Cremonini manages (abroad) the VIP Lounges of the railway stations of the principal European capitals, as well as the management of logistic services with its subsidiary AVIRAL in partnership with the world leader Geodis Logistic.

Catering onboard trains in Europe

  • Great Britain
    The Group, through the subsidiary Momentum Services Ltd., manages since 2000 the catering services on the 60 English Eurostar trains that  link London, Paris and Brussels through the channel tunnel daily. Moreover the company manages the welcoming services for travellers in the VIP Lounges in the stations of London St. Pancreas, Paris Gare du Nord and Brussels.
  • France
    Cremonini Réstauration S.a.s. has operated in France since 1996. At the moment it manages the catering services on 76 trains served per day.
    With Avirail, Cremonini manages the logistic activities (handling), the preparation of meals and the movement of food and non food products servicing onboard trains. Furthermore, Cremonini manages the most important logistic centre in Paris (Gare du Nord).

  • Belgium
    In the Belgian trains Thalys, which run the route Brussels, Paris, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Amsterdam, Cremonini has been present through the subsidiary Railrest since 2002, serving 75 trains per day. The catering services provide tray to seat delivery for First Class, the management of the bar and the VIP Lounge.

Concession Catering

In the concession catering,  Cremonini serves more than 60 million of customers every year, with different brands and catering formats:

Chef Express and  Mokà
The main brand of reference and identification of the concession catering activity, Chef Express exemplifies the concept of the snack bar for a quick meal,  offering a vast choice of products, from cafeteria to pastries, from gastronomy to sweet and salted snacks, and classic takeaways ( sandwiches, snacks, fruit salads, yoghurt, juices and drinks ). Mokà represents the concept of premium price cafeteria with modern and elegant premises, dedicated to medium-high profile locations. 

  • Gusto Ristorante
    Gusto Ristorante  is an historic brand that characterises the catering self service offer with an ample free flow space. This is a very flexible format, perfectly adaptable both to the needs of the motorway service areas as to those of the stations (if adequate space exists) and airports.
  • Gourmé
    The new corner dedicated to regional specialities, where cured meats of DOP and IGP quality, sliced on request, offered also with a selection of local cheeses and wines: Gourmé is a new concept of cured meats and types of bakery aimed at enhancing the innumerable types of regional Italian delicacies, a real "voyage of taste" which accompanies the traveller, principally on the motorway networks.
  • Bagel Factory
    Founded in London in 1997, Bagel Factory is a chain of bakeries specialised in the sale of menus based on bagels, the characteristic bread of yeasted dough, boiled briefly in water then cooked in the oven, with a typical donut shape and garnished with various ingredients, very common in the Anglo-Saxon world and originating from the traditions of the Ashkenazi Jewish community.


Roadhouse is the typical steakhouse, with a wide range of unique dishes based on meat rigorously cooked on the grill with table service.

The Roadhouse Restaurants are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. 

The menu offers a selection grilled meats accompanied by varying side dishes, a selection of scrumptious hamburgers that guests can personalise, choosing the size. There are also salads, delicious appetisers, and tasty desserts. 

Vending Machines

In line with market requirements, Time Vending proposes a wide ranging offer of products, including hot and cold drinks, sweet and salted snacks and sandwiches, all guaranteed by the quality of the leading brands.

The Company operates in various market segments, adapting its services to the different characteristics of its clients. Time Vending is present in private firms, hospitals, airports, motorway service stations, railway and underground stations, station buffets and hotels.

Time Vending also guarantees a complete support and consultancy service for the setting up of catering areas, with highly innovative and personalised solutions.

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